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Ancient Energy Portal in the Middle East

World War 3 is happening in Iran the Middle East and this event sparked a memory. I remember hearing in Barbara Marciniak's audiobook Bringers of the Dawn that there was an ancient portal in the Middle East. She stated ow this land has been fought over for ages and how there are underground cities in the Middle East. I gathered some quotes for her book and wanted to share what I found out

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"There have been different portals on Earth that have allowed different species, creator gods from space, to insert themselves. One of the huge portals that presently is being fought over is the portal of the Middle East. If you think back over the history of Earth, you will recognize how many dramas of religion and civilization have been introduced in that portal. It's a huge portal-with a radius of a thousand miles or so. This is why there is so much activity in the Middle East. This is the portal that the Lizzies use."

"The creator gods are coming back to raid you again because they don't want to starve. They understand that there is "systems busting" going on through you, so they are here to create greater havoc and fear, to fight once again for this territory. Their food source is important to them. They are losing control of the planet, so they are going back to their prime portal in the Middle East, where their nest is located underneath the ground, to create fear and chaos."

"In a clever move, the Middle East crisis allowed the government to have what it wanted without going through the problem of asking your permission for a tax raise on gasoline. You see how clever these things are? With a few more taxes piled on top of one another, people will begin to examine the quality of their lives. You will see a lot of anger in this country, because many people will feel powerless. Anger is one of the first emotions that will occur when people finally understand the manipulation that has been going on and begin to get in touch with their feelings."

"Holographic inserts look exactly like 3-D reality. They are creations of events manufactured and inserted in your reality to look as if they are part of a sequential action. They are used to influence the minds of observers, and they are very difficult to recognize. You will have plenty of practice in the next number of years when-in the Middle East and other areas around this planet-a lot of extraterrestrial activities come into full force and begin to be published. Some of the grand events will be very legitimate, and some of them will be inserts designed to move the consciousness of humanity toward the one world order to be controlled."

"We talked about the portal in the Middle East being a dimensional doorway or entryway onto the planet for certain energies to find civilization. Remember, when you leave a planetary sphere and go into space, once you traverse certain belts of consciousness you must find the proper portal to come back onto the planet in the precise time period or corridor of time that you are looking for. This is how systems are kept locked and intact, and how they are prevented from being raided and taken over. There are portals on the South American continent, the North American continent, Asia, China, and all over the globe. The huge portal that we are presently discussing is the portal in the Middle East. It is gigantic."

"The Middle East is a portal where many dimensions meet and where entities from other dimensions can come onto this planet. It is a hot spot. In recent times, in the last forty or fifty thousand years, many civilizations have surfaced and many religious dramas have started in the Middle East. Because of the vortex, holographic inserts are easier to produce in that area, just like movies are easier to produce in California."

"In reality, the Chosen One was sent as a systems buster, a member of the Family of Light, to bring light through the portal in the Middle East. This created a way for many to enter and seed a reality that would prepare the consciousness of humanity for the cycle that will terminate in approximately the next twenty years, depending upon how events proceed. The Chosen One came not as one entity but as a number of entities, influencing people in humanity's dark hour, an hour when human beings were ready to understand their mysteries. One of the things that was not promoted to you in a very truthful way was that the Chosen One was very well accepted. The kind of energy that the Chosen beings brought to the planet was received very well."

Those are the best quotes I found in the book that speak about a huge energy portal in the Middle East. War over land and resources. I'm going to make more blog post about the book Bringers of the Dawn. I feel this information will be found and become more valuable in the next decade.

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