Earn Bitcoin Fast and Easy in 2021 • Bankroll Flow 💰🔄

Earn Bitcoin Fast and Easy in 2021 • Bankroll Flow 💰🔄

Bankroll Flow Tutorial 2021 • Learn how to Earn Bitcoin every day for the rest of your life! Get in Flow before the big wave comes

YON WORLD!! I'm inviting you to be apart of the BIGGEST development in Cryptocurrency, Introducing "Bankroll Flow" a brand new way to earn Bitcoin through a smart contract designed with an intelligent ecosystem that will allow it to flow forever.

Invite Link - https://bankroll.network/flow.html?buddy=TGTPcyZszfCaeuSRV17xeacvckNzm2JTic

Buddy Referral Link (Invite Code) - TGTPcyZszfCaeuSRV17xeacvckNzm2JTic


1. Buy Bitcoin (BTC) on Atomic Wallet or Coinbase or Cash App

2. Exchange Bitcoin to TRON (TRX) on Atomic Wallet

3. Download TronLink on Google Chrome or on your iPhone or Android

4. Send TRON to your TronLink Wallet (Always leave 100 TRX in your wallet)

5. Visit https://bankroll.network/flow.html?buddy=TGTPcyZszfCaeuSRV17xeacvckNzm2JTic

6. Use "SwapX" on Bankroll to exchange TRON for BNKRX Tokens

7. Make sure the invite code TGTPcyZszfCaeuSRV17xeacvckNzm2JTic is in the Buddy Referral System (Email info@yonworld.org if you need that code sent to you)

8. Make sure enable deposits is selected and deposit the cash value in BNKRX

9. Confirm Tronlink Transactions

10. Your deposit amount will earn 1% of the total amount every day for 365 days

11. You can compound your interest daily by selecting "Roll" or you can cash out into BNKRX Tokens by selecting "Claim"

BNKRX Tokens can be transferred into Tron (TRX) back into Bitcoin (BTC) then into USD.

Email me if you have questions!

More videos on Bankroll coming soon!

Save Your Invite to Bankroll Flow! - https://bankroll.network/flow.html?buddy=TGTPcyZszfCaeuSRV17xeacvckNzm2JTic

TronLink - https://www.tronlink.org/

Atomic Wallet (Buy Tron TRX) - https://atomicwallet.io/

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