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"OBAMA RUNTZ”🔥🇺🇸 EXOTIC STRAIN REVIEW • The Fire Society • Obomba Runtz

OBAMA RUNTZ 🔥🇺🇸 Exotic Strain Review • 4PF • The Fire Society • Obomba Runtz | JOKES UP

Obama Runtz | 32.8%THC | The Fire Society

Obama Runtz is an unconfirmed strain from the east coast that appeared in mid-2020, thought to be a combination of Afghani and OG Kush. Online sources indicate this may be a distant relative of the like-named Obama Kush, but no cultivator or breeder has come forth to officially claim the strain or confirm its lineage.

Internet reports claim Obama Runtz contains kush, hash-like aromas featuring notes of spice and pine. Its harsh, acrid smoke contains a matching kick of spice and citrus.

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