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PYRO - The First Total Supply Burn Token on Ethereum Blockchain

PYRO smart contract is new innovative blockchain technology. When you check Etherscan you can see the max total supply reducing after every buy and sell. To understand PYRO you have to understand cryptocurrency Tokenomics. When a token burns directly from the total supply it has more positive impact on the price. Since PYRO burns the supply off the blockchain when people sell it makes the remaining tokens more valuable over time. The smart contract is renounced and LP is locked for years. PYRO has a strong community also.

The burn will be a true burn. Removing the tokens from the total supply with every buy and sell.

6% Tax

$PYRO is a fast-burning hyper-deflationary token that gains value with every buy and sell transaction. The burns will be a true burn (and not a fake dead wallet burn) and actually remove the tokens from the total supply with every buy/sell transaction. Since the initial supply of $PYRO is limited the floor price will continue to rise as more and more PYRO tokens are removed from circulation.

The project has developed a burn bot for hire by other projects. If a developer or future project wants to have a guaranteed fully functional burner contract they will need to use our custom burns $PYRO contract with 2% going to $PYRO from all their future buy/sell transactions pushing the price of PYRO up even further alongside our burn bot with $PYRO ad-placements.

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